Resultater UtstillingPosted by Lisbeth Wed, September 06, 2017 12:23:02

Utstillingsid 170452 Arrangør Norsk Basenjiklubb Rase Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dato 27.08.2017 sted Drammen Travbane Dommer Matejcic, Jasna

272 KCAS00812705 Bovijo She's A Mystery Exc.CHK 1.CHKK CK 1.BTK BIR 24 poeng

262 NO38218/13 Shavano's One And Only Barrak Exc.CHK 1.CHKK CK 1.BHK BIM 22 poeng

271 NO53092/12 Ridgedogs Glorious Diva Exc.CHK 2.CHKK CK 2.BTK 20 poeng

268 NO45772/16 Ridgedogs Madewithlove Adele Exc.JK 1.JKK CK 3.BTK 18 poeng

261 RKF4249472 Saimon's Praide Never Give Up Exc.AK 1.AKK 1 poeng

263 NO30557/14 Ridgedogs In Love With Elvis Exc.CHK 4.CHKK 1 poeng

264 NO53085/12 Ridgedogs Glorious Akinzo Exc.CHK 3.CHKK 1 poeng

265 RKF4154010 Saimon's Praide Mirror Of My Hope Exc.CHK 2.CHKK 1 poeng

273 NO38741/15 Ridgedogs Loveatfirstsight Daia Exc.CHK 3.CHKK 1 poeng

267 NO30228/17 Adoreas Ridged Hettie (l) VG.JK 2.JKK 0 poeng

269 NO31327/15 Adoreas Ridged Farya VG.AK 1.AKK 0 poeng

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