NKK Rogaland

Resultater UtstillingPosted by Lisbeth Thu, September 21, 2017 21:27:03

Utstillingsid 171009 Arrangør Norsk Kennel Klub Rase Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dato 09.09.2017 sted Rogaland/Orre Dommer Ahlman-Stockmari, Tanya

1801 NO47344/14 Kangelani's Precious Emily Exc.CHK 1.CHKK CK 1.BTK CACIB BIR 28 poeng

1784 NO31578/13 Dirty Diamond's Akili Kifani By Ino Exc.CHK 1.CHKK CK 1.BHK CACIB BIM 26 poeng

1785 FI44544/13 Kizimbi Tutuma Exc.CHK 2.CHKK CK CERT 2.BHK R.CACIB 24 poeng

1803 NO34520/11 Kifani's Kamili Eros' Binti Nandi Exc.CHK 2.CHKK CK 2.BTK R.CACIB 24 poeng

1787 16499/08 Aminiafu's Darling D-lilo Exc.VTK 1.VTKK CK 3.BHK 22 poeng

1802 FI20084/15 Kizimbi Rohoya Sheikha Exc.CHK 3.CHKK CK CERT 3.BTK 22 poeng

1781 NO38388/16 Kangelani's Qadir Djiango By Akili Exc.UK 1.UKK CK 4.BHK 20 poeng

1797 NO31329/15 Adoreas Ridged Freia Exc.AK 1.AKK CK R.CERT 4.BTK 20 poeng

1786 NO47336/14 Kangelani's Piece Of Art (l) Exc.CHK 3.CHKK CK 5 poeng

1788 16834/08 Kangelani's Impressive Ino By Ascot Exc.VTK 2.VTKK CK 5 poeng

1790 VDH16/10912386 Ndoki Heading North Hawa Exc.JK 1.JKK CK 5 poeng

1791 PKRVI20272 Abeye Sebongo Exc.JK 2.JKK CK 5 poeng

1793 NO56261/15 Aminiafu's Noble Nuha Exc.UK 1.UKK CK 5 poeng

1804 NO31325/15 Adoreas Ridged Farah Exc.CHK 4.CHKK CK 5 poeng

1796 SE57012/2015 Royalty Rocks Lady Portia Exc.AK 2.AKK 1 poeng

1805 NO47629/13 Kangelani's One Of A Kind Mali Exc.CHK 1 poeng

1779 NO30224/17 Adoreas Ridged Haba (l) VG.JK 1.JKK 0 poeng

1780 NO33258/16 Aminiafu's Oliver G.UK 0 poeng

1782 NO31033/15 Masithela's Xcellent Hamza VG.AK 2.AKK 0 poeng

1783 NO40101/16 Aminiafu's Ki Exc.AK 1.AKK 0 poeng

1789 NO30227/17 Adoreas Ridged Hazel VG.JK 3.JKK 0 poeng

1794 NO38391/16 Kangelani's Qadira Nala By Akili VG.UK 2.UKK 0 poeng

1798 NO30397/12 Kangelani's Mega Hit Mila VG.AK 3.AKK 0 poeng

1799 NO49063/12 Aminiafu's Hishima Hiti G.AK 0 poeng

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